120 Volts & 240 Volts


Touchscreen programmable digital floor thermostat with remote sensor


Programmable digital floor thermostat with remote sensor


Non-programmable digital floor thermostat with remote sensor


Power Module
Designed to be used in large floor application where the heating load exceeds 15amps

Ditra-Heat & Ditra-Heat-DUO

Ditra-Heat is an uncoupling and waterproofing membrane
Ditra-Heat-DUO is a waterproofing membrane with sound control and thermal break


Electric Floor Heating Systems

Nuheat Cables

120 Volts & 240 Volts

Nuheat Signature Thermostat

3.5" Color touchscreen
7-Day programmability
Dual voltage (120V & 240V)
Compatible with Nest

Nuheat Home Thermostat

7 Day Programmability
3.5" Color touchscreen
Dual Voltage (120V&240V)

Nuheat Element Thermostat

Manual temperature control
Dual Voltage (120V & 240V)

Nuheat Relay

To extend power output when covering large floor application and the heating load exceeds 15amps

Nuheat Membrane

For laying heating wiring

Prova Flex-Heat

Versatile heating cable compatibility
Can be used with multiple wire sizes of up to 0.2" (5mm) thick

SunTouch Wire & Mat

120 Volts & 240 Volts

SunStat Connect

Air Sensing Control

Floor Sensing Control

Touch Screen
7-Day programmable
Dual voltage (120V & 240V)

WiFi and App Compatible

SunStat Command

7 Day Programmable

Vacation Mode
Dual Voltage (120V&240V)

SunStat Core

Manual temperature control
Dual Voltage (120V & 240V)

SunStat Relay C3

To extend power output when covering large floor application and the heating load exceeds 15amps. Dual Voltage (120V & 240V) Built in GFCI.

Loud Mouth Installation Monitor

The Loud Moth monitors electric heating wire elements during the entire instillation process and sounds an alarm if the heating elements are cut or damaged. Features include; 9Volt battery power, ON/OFF switch, Indicator lights, Test Button and Audible alarm.

ProMelt Mats

Reduce liability and provide safe access for visitors. Eliminate the time and physical strain of shoveling, melt snow without salt or chemicals, prevent potential damage caused by clearing equipment.Wide range of sizes to fit your projects.

ProMelt Snow Melting Control Kit PM-L2

The PM-L2 Kit provides automatic start and timed stop operation for an electric snow melting system. The kit includes an easy to use touch screen control, a pole-mounted snow sensor and outdoor temperature sensor. A ContractorPro panel is required to provide power for the mats, cables and controls.

Slab Heat

Offers enough capacity for space heating (verify heat loss calculations with our technical team). Comfortable, even heat without the drying effects of forced air. Does not promote circulation of pathogens or allergens. Silent, maintenance free heat with no vents or duct work. Engineered to handle the rigors of any concrete instillation. Polyurethane outer jacket offers superior flexibility, abrasion, and tear resistance.

Underfloor Mat

No need to replace flooring, installs between floor joists to warm the floor above. Works under any type of flooring including nailed down hardwood. Up to 15*F warmer with hard surface flooring. Between 6*F and 10*F warmer with carpet.


Order custom TapMat to match floor plan or select a standard TapMat roll size. Shower mat is sized to fit standard shower basin sizes and includes an opening for the drain. All offer one step application with thin-set or self-leveler. Open weave mesh allows mortar to easily bond with underlying material. 1/8" thickness added to a typical tile installation. Simple to adjust for curves, angles and cutouts. Double sided tape adheres to subfloor for faster layouts. Operated by any SunStat thermostat.

25 Year Limited Warranty




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