An all-inclusive package containing each of the components required to create a watertight shower assembly. Designed to create a fully waterproof and vapor-tight enclosure in tiled showers and residential steam showers.


Fundo Primo

Easy to install and blending the traditional values of design, flexibility and robustness, while offering the added benefits that come with state of the art material and manufacturing technology. No more presloping, pan liner cracks or membrane pinholes, clogged drain weepholes and mold growth. Available with center drain in the following sizes; 36x36, 36x48, 36x60, 36x72, 48x48, 48,60, 48x72. With off center drain in 36x72.


Prefabricated modules open up a a whole new world of design possibility for showers, wet areas and baths. Sizes are 16x12, 16x16, 16x22.

Pre Sloped Base Extension

Extend any Wedi shower floor base type using pre-sloped extension modules featuring pre made connections to any base.

Sloped Shower Ramps

Where wheelchair accessible or ADA compliant entries are required.

Building Panels

Wedi building panels are the ultimate and complete wet room backer board and often used within the range of Wedi shower systems as well as on walls, floors, countertops and many other applications. Sizes are 2'x4'x1/8", 2'x8'x1", 2'x8'x1/4", 2'x8'x2", 2'x8'x3 1/15", 2'x8'x3 9/16", 2'x8'x3/4", 3'x5'x1/4", 3'x5'x5/8".

Square Drain Covers


Round Drain Covers


Fundo Riolito Neo Modular

Wedi's Fundo Riolito Neo System feature the only fully sealed and factory integrated waterproof drain assembly available in the market of customizable shower floor systems with linear drainage. They are available in two design options. The first option includes models featuring a one- piece shower base including the drain trench. These provide 1-way or 4-way slopes.

Fundo Riolito Neo

Shower base with integrated channel drain.

Fundo Riolito Neo Standard and Exclusive Drain Cover Plate and Base

Dimensions 1 5/8"x 43 1/4"x 3/4", 1 5/8"x 27 5/8" x 3/4"

Fundo Riolito Neo Tileable

Tileable drain cover. Dimensions 1 5/8"x 43 1/4"x 3/4", 1 5/8"x 27 5/8" x 3/4"

Fundo Discreto

Verticle wall drainage integrates into Wedi seats, tileable cover included. Dimensions 31 1/2"x 2".

Standard and Lien Full Foam Curb

8' long, 5' long, 3' long

Sanoasa Bench 1, 2 & 3

The bench is delivered in 4 parts: bench element, substructure element, 2 side elements. Ask for more information.

Rectangular and full foam seat

One Size Available: 16"x32"x20"

Full Foam Corner Seat

Size: 23"x23"x20"

Sanoasa Shower Bench

Suspended shower bench 47 1/2" x 15" x 3 1/8"

Corner Shower Seat

Medium Suspended Corner Seat 17" x 17" x 4"

Large Suspended Corner Seat 24" x 24" x 4"

Subliner Dry

Waterproofing and Crack Bridging Sheet Membrane for high exposure wet areas

Joint Sealant

MS Polymer Sealant and Adhesive Permanently flexible, waterproof sealant and adhesive for joint treatment.

Sausage Gun

Gun for MS Polymer Sealant Sausages and Replacement Tips

Coarse Thread Screws with Ceramic Coating

1 5/8" (41.5mm)

Tab Steel Washers, Galvanized

Tabbed washers provide four tabs for fast secure placement. These washers provide a solid gauge according to ISO standards and less potential for deformation.

Vapor Barrier 0.24 Gallon Unit

For use in building panel in steam room applications prior to tiling.


Prova Pan

Prefabricated slope pan replaces the need for a mortar base. Has an outside thickness of 1 5/8". Sizes are 48"x48", 32"x60" Offset drain, 32"x60" Centered drain.

Shower Kits

All the components required to build a fully bonded water tight assembly for tiled showers. No waiting time between steps; tiles can be installed immediately. Protects wall cavities from water and vapor penetrations. Prefabricated sloped pan replaces the need for a mortar base.
Sizes are: 48"x48", 32"x60", 32"x60" Offset drain. All kits includes a curb, ABS or PVC drains

Prova Pan Multi

One pan accommodates the most common shower sizes, achieve a curbless shower installation ideal for accessibility needs or open concept aesthetics, can be used for curbed or curbless installations.


Prova curb is a prefabricated curb comprised of lightweight polystyrene. Size 4 1/2"x6"x48"

Universal Extension Kit

Extends 48"x48" and 32"x60" prova shower pan bases to any desired size. Size possibility are endless when using multiple kits. Box of 4. (12"x36")

Drain Grate

Available in Chrome Standard, Black, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Brass

Drain Grate Housing

Available in VC and ABS

Prova Mat

Prova mat is a thin polypropylene waterproofing membrane designed to be applied with polymer modified thin set sorter under ceramic or stone tile to most common substrates. Unlike liquid applied pwaterproofing products, tiles can be installed immediately onto PROVA MAT. Also provides a vapor barrier ideal for steam room and sauna applications. Sizes available: 16'x3.28', 33'x3.28' and 82'x3.28'.

Prova Joint

Waterproofing joint seals seams and transitions and does not support mold growth. Rolls sizes:  25'x5" and 82'x5".

Prova Corner

Preformed outside/inside corners made from PROVA MAT to be used a shower base installation. Size: 4 1/2"x 2 1/4"x 3 1/2"

Prova Pipe Seal

Prefabricated seal made of cut sections of PROVA MAT, with a flexible collar designed to seal pipe protrusions. Size Available: 4 3/4"x 4 3/4".

Prova Board Plus+

tile backer that is quick and easy to install over wood stud framing. The 100% waterproof XPS core prevents mold growth and is resistant to vapor pressure. Sizes available: 24"x96"x2", 36"x60"x1/2" and 48"x96"x1/2".

Prova Niche

A prefabricated niche made of PROVA-BOARD Plus and can be used with a PROVA-MAT and PROVA-BOARD Plus when installing a tiled shower. Sizes available: 24"x16" and 16"x16".

Prova Fasteners and Seal

PROVA BOARD Plus screws and washers must be used together for a safe, simple and durable PROVA BOARD Plus panel installation. PROVA Seal sealing and bonding compound is a single compound, waterproof sealing and bonding compound that is a premium hybrid silicone sealant. PROVA Seal can be used to waterproof pipe and valve protrustions in the PROVA Shower system and for use with PROVA BOARD Plus and PROVA MAT.


Kerdi Shower Kits

Schluter Kerdi Shower kit is an all inclusive package containing each of the integrated family of components required to create a maintenance free, water tight, shower assembly without a mortar bed.

48"x48" Shower Kit

Select material for drain (ABS or PVC) and grate finish.

72"x72" Shower Kit

Select material for drain (ABS or PVC) and grate finish.

32"x60" Shower Kit Off-Center Drain

Select material for drain (ABS or PVC) and grate finish.

32"x60" Shower Kit

Select material for drain (ABS or PVC) and grate finish.

38"x38" Shower Kit

Select material for drain (ABS or PVC) and grate finish.

48"x72" Shower Kit

Select material for drain (ABS or PVC) and grate finish.

Kerdi Shower Trays

Kerdi Shower-ST is a sloped shower tray made of lightweight, expanded polystyrene (PS 40) for constructing mortar free shower bases. This prefabricated shower tray is designed to integrate with the Kerdi shower-SC curb, Kerdi waterproofing membrane, and Kerdi Drain, and now includes a pre-cut piece of Kerdi customized to fit each of the 6 shower tray sizes.

Kerdi Shower-SR

The Kerdi Shower Ramp is a lightweight, expanded polystyrene (PS 40) shower ramp specifically designed to integrate with Schluter shower system. Includes a pre-cut piece of Kerdi

Schluter Kerdi Shower Drain

A floor drain with an integrated bonding flange that provides a large contact area for a secure connection to the Schluter Kerdi waterproofing membrane and other bonded  waterproofing membranes at the top of the assembly.  Available in Aluminum, Stainless steel, and different finishes. Inquire for more information.

Schluter Kerdi-Line

Is a low profile linear floor drain specifically designed for bonded waterproofing assemblies. Kerdi-Line can be installed adjacent to walls or at intermediate locations in showers, wet rooms, and other applications that require waterproofing and drainage. Available in brushed stainless steel and chrome, also tilable.

Schluter Kerdi Waterproofing Membrane

Is a pliable sheet applied polyethylene waterproofing membrane and vapor retarder that guarantees uniform thickness. It is covered with an anchoring fleece on both sides to anchor the membrane in thin-set mortar and is suitable for waterproofing in conjunction tile surfaces on walls and floors.  Good for steam rooms. Contact for sizes.

Schluter Kerdi Board

Is a multi-functional tile substrate and building panel, which can also be used for creating bonded waterproofing assemblies with tile coverings. It consist of an extruded polystyrene foam panel,  with a special reinforcement material on both sides and fleece webbing  for effective anchoring in thin-set mortar. Thicknesses available: 3/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2" and board sizes 48"x32", 48"x64" 48"x96, 24 1/2"x96" 48"x120"

Schluter Kerdi Board-V

Is a vertically grooved substrate and building panel for creating curved elements. If a larger expanse of panels is required, several panels can be connected along the edges with thin-set mortar, Kerdi Fix adhesive, or double sided adhesive tape. Thicnesses available: 3/4", 1", 1

Schluter Kerdi-Board-SC

Is a prefabricated shower curb made of Kerdi Board that is designed to integrate with the Schluter Shower System.  The curb is lightweight, stable, and load bearing. It can be used in conjunction with the Kerdi Shower-ST prefabricated shower tray as well as in mortar bed applications. Sizes available: 38"x6"x4 1/2" and 48"x6"x4 1/2"

Schluter Kerdi-Board-SN (Niche)

Is a prefabricated shower niche made of Schluter Kerdi-Board that can be installed in both Schluter Kerdi and Schluter Kerdi-Board wall assemblies. The shower niche features a half inch thick by 2" wide integrated bonding flange and is available in four different sizes. Larger sizes include a prefabricated Kerdi-Board shelf that can be installed at any height to create separate compartments within the shower niche if desired. Sizes are 12"x6", 12"x12", 12"x20", 12"x28".

Schluter Kerdi-Board-SB

Is a prefabricated shower bench made of Kerdi-Board that is designed to integrate with the Schluter Shower System. The bench is lightweight, stable, and load bearing. It features a sloped surface surface to prevent the accumulation of water. Kerdi-Board-SB is quick and easy to install, waterproof and ready to tile. making it a simple solution for tiled shower benches. Two shapes available. Triangular 16"x16"x20", 24"x24"x20". Rectangular 38"x11" 1/2" x20", 48"x16"x 20"

Schluter Kerdi-Band

Is a waterproofing strip used to seal butt joints and floor/wall connections with the Schluter Kerdi and Schluter Ditra membranes. Sizes available 16 1/2'x 5", 33'x5", 16 1/2'x 7 3/4" and 16 1.2"x10" also available in 98' in length.

Schluter Kerdi-Flex

Is a flexible polythylene waterproofing strip used to seal movement joints over Schluter Ditra in specialty applications where large movements are expected. i.e. over expansion joints or construction joints.

Schluter Kerdi-Kereck-F

Are preformed seamless corners made of Schluter Kerdi for waterproofing inside and outside corners.

Schluter Kerdi-Seal-PS/MV

Prefabricated seals are cut sections of the Schluter Kerdi waterproofing membrane designed to seal protrusions through the Kerdi or Schluter Ditra/Ditra-XL membranes. Kerdi Seal-PS and -MV feature overmolded rubber gaskets and are used to seal pipe protrusions and protect moisture-sensitive backing panels at the mixing valve.

Schluter Kerdi-Fix

Is a single-component sealing and bonding compound with a silane-modified polymer base. It is odor-neutral, UV- and weather-resistant, and contains no solvents, Kerdi-Fix is elastomeric and bonds well to most materials, such as wood, stone, concrete, metal, glass and many plastics. Kerdi-Fix is suitable bonding for Schluter Kerdi-Band and Schluter Kerdi elements. Available in Bright White and Grey

Schluter Kerdi-Board ZT/ZS

Are galvanized steel washers used to fasten Kerdi-Board to stud framing. They feature tabs that penetrate the surface of the Kerdi-Board and temporarily hold the washers in place to enable Schluter Kerdi -Board-ZS are screws used to fasten to the studs.

Kerdi Board-ZDK

Is a double sided adhesive tape used to attach Kerdi-Board panels in joints areas or similar. Sizes available: 1/2", 3/4", 1 3/16" all by 33'.

Shower Niche

14"x22" pre-assembled quartz niches available in the following colours.

CGC Fiberock

CGC Fiberock Underlayment Aqua Tough.

Undelayment 9.5 mm (3/8") Thick

Square edge.

Density: 961 Kg/m3 (60 Lbs/ft3

Intended for:

-Residential and light commercial construction.

-As a base for ceramic tile, resilient flooring,    carpeting and hardwood floors.

-Where greater dimensional stability and        water resistance are needed.

-When an environmentally sensitive product is desired.

Sizes available

- 3'x5' at 1/2" / 4'x4' at 3/8" and 1/4". / 4'x8' 3/8"  thick




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